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Christopher Voisey

Christopher is Managing Director of Voisey Associates. He is currently Program Area Director (Business and Management) and Associate Professor in Strategy at Henley Business School, where he leads academic programs, develops and teaches business, corporate, and global strategy, and is responsible for promoting and disseminating good practice in teaching and learning. He is Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy.

Christopher has an extensive background in formulating and implementing business, corporate, and global strategies in the financial services, telecoms, and electronics sectors. He is experienced in curriculum design in university business schools and in facilitating and teaching on in-company executive development programs. His scholarly work on how firms formulate and implement their global strategies has been published in the global strategy field’s leading academic journal.


Christopher initiated and led a year-long senior executive education/training program on strategy, organizational analysis, and international management within the global headquarters of Fujitsu in Tokyo, contributing to a number of key strategic changes in business strategies. In the UK, he has been at the frontier developing new teaching and learning methodologies, including Team-based Learning and integrating social media in teaching and learning. In his earlier business career, he developed new businesses within global financial services firms, where he initiated and concluded large transactions.


Christopher received his Ph.D. and M.S. Degrees in Management from MIT Sloan, during which he obtained his doctoral education in strategy at Harvard Business School.

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